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Hey guys, I know this is a rough and spooky time for all of us but I want you all to know I am committed to all our employee’s and customer’s safety and wellbeing. That includes measures taken to limit exposure while following President Trump’s and Governor Inslee’s orders. I am thankful we have been deemed an essential business and continue working. The good news is there is less traffic than ever reducing stress at an especially stressful time and allowing us to be much more efficient.

Knight Transport LLC is also committed to serving our customers while being the best partner possible and helping them navigate this chaos.

We have seen a slight downturn and urge all our employees to be patient and flexible while we adapt to the changing landscape in transportation right now. You might find yourself hauling something or running a route you don’t normally haul or run but remember, you’re still working and taking care of your family and that is a blessing. There are so many that don’t have that option and we are committed to keeping you all busy and being a good partner with our customers!

Stay safe, keep your distance and wash your hands!

Scotty B White
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Established 1980
Knight Transport is a trucking & brokerage company founded in 1980 by Scotty B White. Wood, metal, machinery and manufactured goods are the primary commodities hauled by Knight Transport.  Many of our customers and drivers have been with us since the beginning.”

Phone# 1-800SCOTTYB * Fax# 253-536-8442

Probably Not the Cheapest...

Never the Most Expensive...

Always the Best!


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Hannah & Scotty B Fall Hiring

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Flatbed tarp drivers

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Adding to the fleet…

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Our Drivers do their BEST work at Knight…

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And again… (ESPN w hay)

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Hayleigh makes Scotty B do it again (kvi w hay)

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Scotty B breaks radio silence (kvi sbw alone)

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New Drivers Contact Hannah White
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New Drivers Contact Hayleigh White

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1-800SCOTTYB (726-8892) or fax resume to 253-536-8442
1016 West Main Street Auburn, WA 98001